Welcome back coders ninja, in this tutorial we are going to know How to create a custom password list using crunch(custom password list generator)?. A crunch is an inbuilt tool in kali that is used to create a custom wordlist using alphabets, numbers, and symbols. It generates wordlists in both combination and permutation ways. It can also break output on the basis of lines or file size. We all know dictionary attacks are as good as the password list we have.

Let’s start creating our custom password list using crunch. Which we will be able to use for cracking wifi password using crack-ng or for other brute-force attacks.

how to create a custom password list
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How To Create A Custom Password List using a password list generator tool(Crunch)?

To create a custom password list we need to follow just 2 easy steps.

1. Open Crunch in Kali

To open up crunch you just need to type crunch in the terminal or just start typing crunch command.

crunch kali command

2. Know Crunch Syntex And Generate Your Password List

Crunch follows a very simple syntax.

crunch <min-length> <max-length> <character-set> -t <pattern> -o <output-file-name>
  • min-length: It tells crunch what will be the minimum length of the password you want to generate.
  • max-length: It tells what will be the maximum length of password you want crunch to generate.
  • character-set: Which characters you want crunch to include in the passwords.
  • pattern: Here you can specify the pattern crunch to follow for generating passwords. Like you know that your target’s password is starting with 123 so you can write 123@@@@ this will generate all the passwords possible of length 4 starting with 123. Remember if you want to use pattern your min-length and max-length must be same.
  • output-file: Name of output file where crunch will write all the password it will generate.

All the fields after max-length are optional.

crunch <min-length> <max-length> [optional]


The following command will generate all the possible passwords of lengths 7 to 8 and will store them at root/PasswordList.txt

crunch 7 8 -o /root/PasswordList.txt
crunch example 1 kali command

Output Location:

password list location kali

Notice that when we execute commands to generate a password list, crunch gives us an estimated size of the file that will be generated to store the password list.

Let’s see how to create a custom password list with some examples.

Examples: how to create a custom password list using crunch?

Let’s see some examples of how we can easily generate our custom password list using crunch in kali on the basis of your knowledge about the target.

1. If your target is using their mobile no. as password

It’s very common, many peoples use their mobile number as their password. So by writing the following command, we can easily generate all the possible mobile numbers, and crunch will store the generated passwords at root/PasswordList.

crunch 10 10 1234567890 -o /root/PasswordList..txt

crunch example 2 kali command

We can further decrease the no. of the password generated, by introducing more parameters, like if you know the sim provider your target uses. Here I am assuming my target uses a service from a sim provider whose all no. starts with 70…….

crunch 10 10 1234567890 -t 70@@@@@@@@ -o PasswordList.txt
crunch example 4 kali command

2. If you know your target is using their name in the password

Let’s assume your target’s name is “sam” which occurs at the start of its password and its password length is 7. So, by executing the following command we can easily generate a password list that should contain his password.

crunch 7 7 abcdefghijklmnopqrestuvwxyz1234567890 -t sam@@@@ -o PasswordList.txt
crunch example 3 kali command

Now the above command will generate the password list in which every password will start with “sam” of length 7 at root/PasswordList.txt.

That’s all for this tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it and I answered your question “How to create a custom password list?”. If you are facing any problem following any steps, write down your problem in the comment box. Check out my previous tutorial in which I showed you how to hack wifi password in kali by following just 6 easy steps or check out our other tutorials here.

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